Amethyst Hair Pin - Wild Luxe Boutique
Amethyst Hair Pin - Wild Luxe Boutique

Amethyst Hair Pin

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Sometimes you’re mid-epiphany, scribbling notes for your next massive project or venture, and your hair gets all up in your face. We know the struggle. That’s why we have these gorgeous gem-tipped hair pins to keep your glorious locks in place while you’re getting down to business.

Please allow for variation in stone size, shape and color as each stone is unique.

Product Details:

  • Amethyst on copper hair pin
  • Stone: Amethyst
  • Length: 3.5” from tip to tail

Artisan Spotlight:

Lexie Rundquist (Aerow) is a self-taught studio artist working predominately with copper and gemstones, specializing in electroformed jewelry. Rundquist is constantly working on her art form, refining her process and dreaming up ways to incorporate bigger stones into her jewelry. As of 2017, 90% of the metal used in her jewelry is sourced from recycled tubing, wire, or sheet metal. Her artwork has been exhibited regionally, and collected nationally. Some of her statement pieces were worn by Lily Tomlin in the Netflix show Grace & Frankie.